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Time is Running Out to Appeal Ohio Real Property Tax Values

Medina County, Ohio Treasurer John Burke who was quoted in an story about the March 31st deadline to challenge the County's valuation of a parcel of real estate. in the article, Mr. Burke nicely summarizes the real property tax appeal process:

"“It is important that you provide evidence that indicates the true value of your home or property,” said Burke. “The best evidence is comparable sales or transfers that have occurred close to Jan. 1 of the tax year 2016. Remember that your evidence presented to the Board of Revision must pertain to the property value, not the taxes or tax rates.”

A private appraiser can determine the market value for a fee, he said.... "

Burke said the BOR rules state the auditor may present similar comparable sale values at the hearing, and the taxpayer can ask up to 10 days in advance of the hearing date for the auditor’s comparable sales to review them before the hearing."

Taxpayers can obtain a BOR complaint form at the County Auditor’s Office in the County Administration Building, located at 144 N. Broadway St., or by downloading the form (DTE Form 1) at The form must be notarized and delivered to the Auditor’s Office by March 31. If it is mailed, it must be postmarked by March 31. Property owners will be notified of a hearing date.

For details, contact the treasurer’s office at 330-725-9748 or at or visit it in person."

While the article focuses on Medina County, the information and comments apply to all Ohio counties.

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